Organizing Against Obamacare

A blast to the recent past ...

7/24/11 - Let's see, Obama
and his Democrats cause a 'No solutions offered' 9. 2 % national unemployment rate ( 12 % in
Calif. ) and end the Shuttle program, leaving a dangerous void in the U.S. manned space program.

Not a bad days work for Obama, the " ... Socialist with
Marxist tendencies ".

T.V. and talk radio host Sean Hannity guest said : " Obama
is a Socialist with Marxist tendencies " On Mon. 4/5/10 David Kupelian appeared as a guest panelist on Sean Hannity, David Kupelian's books:  'How Evil Works ' and 'The Marketing of Evil'.

On Hannity show 4/5/10 Kupelian said:

"Obama is a Socialist with Marxist tendencies. " Says Obama " is a socialist steeped in Marxist ideology for the last 30 years" and " ...was mentored by then
Communist Marshall Davis, ... to community organizing ..."

Obamacare is Sovietcare

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